Democrat Abrams Sideswiped By 100 Georgia Sheriffs – They’re Ditching Her and Joining Her GOP Opponent

Over the past few years, law enforcement has come under heavy scrutiny. This scrutiny gave rise to the now-infamous “defund the police” movement. However, police and Republican leaders across the country have been pushing back against this ideology, especially in light of soaring crime rates. […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Biden Takes A Significant Loss – Joe Just Got Abandoned by His Texan ICE Director Nominee

Biden has not had the best record appointing people to his cabinet. Even Democrats have blocked certain nominees, over their poor records. Biden picked someone to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Although a Texan, Republicans had concerns. TRENDING : Solution For Better Tomorrow And now, after […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Days After Supreme Court’s Historic Ruling – Poll Claims That More Voters Stand with the Court than against

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week, Democrats melted down. Abortion extremists rioted in blue cities and made wild threats against pro-life groups. Democrats in office made threats against the court and vowed this will come back on Republicans. But will it? […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Liberal Activists Cross The Line In SCOTUS “Protest” – They Actually Attempted To Western State Capitol In Session

Democrats have not taken the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe well. Those in power know it may hurt their funding significantly. And their “useful idiots,” aka protesters and rioters, have gone overboard to express their anger that—in some states—they won’t be able to abort babies. […]