2022 Red Wave Gets A Monumental Boost – During 2021 GOP Senate Committee Hauled In A Record $104.8M

Republicans have lofty goals for 2022. First on the list is to flip the House, which many experts and insiders believe is likely, as polling shows a favorable environment for the midterm elections.

The other goal is to flip the Senate as well. The GOP only needs a net gain of one seat to regain majority control, though odds-makers are split on whether or not it will happen.

However, the chances of a red wave just jumped — thanks to a “record” haul.

Throughout 2021, Republicans continued to announce impressive fundraising numbers. Many attribute this to the Biden administration’s falling approval numbers, amid numerous nationwide issues.

With inflation hitting disturbing heights and lingering concerns regarding the pandemic and the economy, Democrats in Washington are under heavy scrutiny.

This may have helped the GOP bring in mass amounts of cash, which will undoubtedly help their campaigns come fall.

They may not need the extra help to flip the House, and this particular haul will benefit Senate Republicans. They’re hoping the many millions they just raised will give them the necessary edge.

From Fox News:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) brought in what it calls a ‘record’ $104.8 million in fundraising last year, as the Senate GOP’s reelection arm builds resources to regain the chamber’s majority in November’s midterm elections.

The NRSC says its 2021 haul is the most it has ever raised during an off-election year.

The committee raked in $28.6 million in the fourth quarter and $11.2 million in December alone, which are reportedly “odd-year records.”

The NRSC further boasted that they’d received over 2 million donations during the year, and it’s important to note that there were 170,000 first-time donors. This points toward spreading interest in the GOP.

Currently, the situation is split 50/50 in the Senate, but Democrats hold the majority due to the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

This could change after the dust settles in the midterm elections, though. Republicans have a decent chance of flipping multiple seats in states like Georgia and Arizona.

But they’ll face tough battles in big battleground states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the GOP must defend 20 of the 34 seats that are in contention in 2022.

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Therefore, flipping the Senate won’t be any easy task. On the other hand, right-wing voters can celebrate this important fundraising haul, and GOP leaders actually thank Democrats for the surge.

Said NRSC chair Rick Scott:

This NRSC team has smashed fundraising records all cycle, and we have Chuck Schumer and the radical Senate Democrats to thank.

Far-left policies haven’t been as popular with much of America as Democrats might’ve hoped, and Republicans are looking to pounce in 2022. They claim extremist leftist ideas are are backfiring on progressives.

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