42 Senators Give President Biden An Order – They Want Joe To Quickly Get Federal Workforce Back In Person

It’s no secret that Joe Biden has been hampering our nation’s recovery. Under Trump, we saw a “V-shaped” recovery in just a few months. Americans quickly returned to work and things were looking better. But the moment Joe entered office, that all went away. He gave away a trillion dollars to pay people not to go to work.

And in the federal government, it’s even worse. Although most Americans have returned to offices and other places of business, federal agencies are still MIA. And now, 42 U.S. senators are demanding Biden bring people back to their posts.

From The Epoch Times:

Forty-two Republican senators say the Biden administration’s stalling in bringing the federal workforce back to its offices is creating massive delays in delivering much-needed government services to citizens in a timely manner…

“Businesses have now reopened, children and teachers have returned to in-person learning, and health care and public safety workers continue to show up for work. Yet we continue to hear from constituents in our states about a lack of responsiveness from federal agencies,” the senators wrote.

Senators are demanding Biden reverse policies implemented to keep federal workers at home. They warned that they are receiving countless messages from folks back home about how hard it is to get anyone from the federal government to help them.

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Because workers are not at their desks, in person, the work has been piling up. This could even be contributing to the supply chain crisis, as some shipping and processing is handled by federal commerce officers. But even basic things like filing taxes and seeking support from the SS administration have been slowed down—because Americans can’t reach a staffer.

It seems pretty unusual that every other business and office can reopen, aside from the federal government. These senators referenced reopened businesses, health care offices, and even most public schools. Yet federal agencies are not even trying to get back to business as usual.

How long is long enough? We have plenty of options to ensure workers can do their job, safely and without fear. Does Biden really want people collecting checks while doing little or no work? I guess, if you look at his track record, that seems to be the case.

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