8-Term Senate Democrat Throws In The Towel – 2022 Midterms Will Not Include ‘Watergate Baby’ Patrick Leahy

The 2022 midterms are shaping up to some of the most important elections in our recent history. And it all has to do with who ends up controlling Congress. We know that Republicans are very close to clinching the House. Many Democrats are jumping ship and state Republicans are redrawing districts.

But who will end up on top in the Senate? It is very likely the current 50-50 won’t remain, but any shift in power can alter the election dramatically. This is why some Democrats might be getting very worried, as yet another one of their own announces retirement.

From AP News:

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the longest-serving current member of the Senate, said Monday he will not seek reelection next year to the seat he has held for eight terms…

The announcement marks the end of a political era. First elected to the Senate in 1974, Leahy is the last of the so-called Watergate babies who were elected after President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Sen. Leahy of Vermont, 81, announced he will be leaving his post after this term. The man was elected way back in 1974 before some senators were even born. Thanks to a lack of term limits, he was able to say in his post for nearly fifty years.

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But now, just as Democrats scramble to hold onto their power, he announces his retirement. He claims it is “time” for someone new from Vermont to pick up the reins. But it is possible that he fears losing as the red wave grows across the country.

With Leahy leaving, it creates a big problem for Democrats—and a big opportunity for Republicans. An incumbent is always in a better position than a newcomer. Because he is leaving, Democrats will have to find a new candidate that has the best chance of winning that open seat.

Republicans, on the other hand, have a new seat to fight for. With Americans turning on Democrats left and right, they have a good chance at taking this seat from the left.

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