9th Circuit Court Rules Against Blue California – It Just Shut Down Their Unconstitutional Closure Of Gun Stores

Americans watched as Democrats grabbed for as much power as possible in the wake of the 2020 crisis. Governors, mayors, and state lawmakers scrambled to pass rules that shut down businesses, schools, and other institutions.

In some cases, Americans had to fight the government, as bureaucrats dictated what was or wasn’t “essential.”

States’ decisions jeopardized the livelihoods of millions of Americans. In Democrat-run California, they went further than most states. They shut down, not only churches and schools, but gun stores and ammo shops. Americans took the state to court.

And now, the 9th Circuit just gave its ruling. From Breitbart:

The Ninth Circuit federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the coronavirus lockdowns of gun stores in Ventura County, California, violated constitutional rights…

“While courts should afford some measure of deference to local policy determinations, ‘the enshrinement of constitutional rights necessarily takes certain policy choices off the table.’”

The federal court overruled a lower court’s ruling against gun sellers and ammo shops. It decided that the state violated the Constitution when it deemed these establishments “non-essential.”

The court wrote that the constitutional rights granted by the Second Amendment were “off the table” when it came to deciding which businesses were essential. Remember when Trump replaced liberals on the 9th Circuit Court with conservatives? That probably played a big role in this decision.

This is a major win for all Second Amendment supporters. A formerly super-liberal circuit court just ruled against a heavily blue state in favor of gun stores. This will set a strong precedent in the future.

It’s no secret that Biden and Democrat governors have pushed strict mandates during this crisis, grabbing power from local governments and their citizens.

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But they also wanted to set a precedent for what the government can do during times of crisis. If they got away with shutting down gun sellers because of this issue—future leaders might go much farther. Citing crime or something else, a president might declare a state of emergency and shut down all gun stores.

A far-left Democrat might even try to confiscate guns from Americans. Sounds crazy? So does shutting down gun stores and firing ranges over a disease (while letting liquor stores and abortion clinics remain open).

This court ruling sends a strong message to leaders that the Second Amendment is not to be trifled with.

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