‘Actually They Don’t’: Pelosi’s Freudian Slip On Power Of CDC Gets Smacked Down But Not Before REVEALING How Dems ‘THINK’

Nancy Pelosi is getting his from libs for congress not extending the eviction moratorium. Far left libs online were accusing the Democrats of taking vacation instead of getting this progressive project extended, and naturally, Nancy needed to shift the blame elsewhere.

In her panic, she showed her cards by trying to shift the burden to the CDC.

Uh, yeah. No, Nancy. They don’t. See the CDC isn’t the thing you libs think it is, or want it be. It’s not the vehicle of American fascism.

I mean .. it IS at the moment. But that’s not what it’s FOR. They don’t have this ultimate authority.

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The Supreme Court said so recently, points out RedState’s Joe Cunningham. (Who banned me from RedState for no reason but anyway.)

RedState moderator Neil Stevens points out that Nancy has shared strong Supreme Court feelings before.

Phil Kerpen of American Commitment spells out how bad it is.

This is nothing compared to the whupping that libs are laying on her. Their reason isn’t that her comment is dumb and contrary to the law and constitution and the very concept of America. No THEY are made because she isn’t being ENOUGH of a dictator HERSELF.

I’d share some of those remarks but I don’t believe in spreading disinformation.

The real reveal here is how she and the people replying to her view the role of the government and the power of pandemic politics. They believe they have absolute authority to act on all matters under pandemic power grab rules. Which is exactly why they’re working so hard to make it permanent.

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