Adam Schiff Gets Ambushed On ‘The View’ – Conservative Guest Slams Him On Dossier Questions His Credibility

Remember Adam Schiff? The man christened by Trump as “Pencil Neck” is back in the limelight.

This Democrat (who apparently was a failed Hollywood screenwriter) is trying to promote a book. I guess fleecing the American public as a politician doesn’t pay enough, he had to get into publishing.

The Democrat appeared on left-wing The View to promote his book. But he wasn’t counting on guest co-host Morgan Ortagus. Because the woman roasted him over his support of Clinton’s debunked dossier.

The liberal didn’t have much of a defense. From Fox News:

“You defended, promoted and even read into the congressional record the Steele dossier. We know last week the main source of the dossier was indicted by the FBI for lying about most of the key claims in that dossier. Do you have any reflections on your role in promoting this to the American people?” Ortagus asked Schiff.

Schiff avoided directly answering the question, and instead called on “whoever lied” to former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele or the FBI to be prosecuted.

Here’s the full exchange:

How convenient. Now that the dossier has been exposed for being mostly lies, Adam Schiff refuses to admit his wrongdoing. The View’s Ortagus called him out for promoting this dossier for years, but he did not fess up to pushing something that was riddled with falsehoods.

But Schiff isn’t going to get out of this so easily. He vowed, again and again, that he had “proof” that Trump colluded with Russia. He promised he had the evidence to destroy the 45th president. And he often pointed to the dossier to make his claims sound credible.

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As it turns out, Schiff never had evidence. And his frequent reliance on the dossier casts into doubt his credibility. Shouldn’t he have, during all those years, looked into the reliability of this dossier? He propped it up during his frequent appearances on CNN, MSNBC, and other outlets. Yet, we know now, it was full of fiction.

Sounds pretty suspicious if you ask me. Schiff relied on this dossier as a “smoking gun” for his attacks against Trump. Yet now he is backing away from it, claiming the people who lied to be prosecuted.

But what about Schiff? Shouldn’t he be held accountable for promoting fiction to the public? His words undermined a sitting president and distracted from real problems. Shouldn’t he face some kind of consequence?

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