After 15-Hour Texas Democrat Filibuster – Their Attempt Fails And Republicans Pass Voting Bill

Democrats are doing everything in their power to block crucial laws. But in this one case, they’ve failed.

You probably know all about how Texas Democrats from the state House ran off.

They broke quorum so that Republicans couldn’t pass much-needed legislation.

Their counterparts in the state Senate tried to pull a similar move.

One Democrat tried to filibuster for 15-hours. But her attempts to obstruct the GOP’s agenda failed.

From The Hill:

The Texas state Senate on Thursday morning voted to advance a sweeping GOP-backed elections bill after a 15-hour filibuster by a Democratic senator who attempted to block the measure…

GOP-controlled Senate advanced the measure that critics contend will curtail voting rights on an 18-11 party-line vote. It is the latest iteration of the elections bill that Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and state GOP lawmakers have repeatedly attempted to pass in the legislature’s regular session and an initial special session.

A Democrat lawmaker in the Texas Senate stood for 15-hours to filibuster Republicans’ voter integrity bill.

But after that desperate attempt, where she wore comfortable sneakers and a back brace, Republicans still passed the bill.

It was clear this Democrat, Carol Alvarado, had every intention of disrupting the state Senate with her stunt.

She really thought she could go all the way, filibustering until the session expired.

The best she could do was 15-hours, which is nowhere near close to the national record.

With the state Senate’s passage of the bill, it falls to the state House to pass their version of the bill.

Democrats from the lower chamber fled to D.C. last month, pathetically blocking progress.

Along with the voting bill, they are preventing other needed legislation from being passed, including education funding.

The governor of the state has fought back to ensure Texas elections are free from “irregularities.”

Among the changes that will be made is the outlawing of various measures that make it easier for elections to be undermined.

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Make no mistake, Democrats always seem to be looking for ways to make our elections less secure. They claim this is to eliminate “voter suppression.”

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