After 7 Moderate Dems Roll Over For Nancy Pelosi – Republicans Send Them A Gift Of Doormats

Plenty of Americans oppose Biden and Pelosi’s radical spending bill. And, for a while, moderate Democrats in the House did as well. They know that if Biden’s $3.5 trillion deal goes through, they could be out of a job.

A group of House Democrats demanded that Pelosi delay voting on that bill. First, they wanted to pass the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. Pelosi refused, linking both bills together as some kind of socialist Trojan horse.

These “brave” Democrats quickly caved, agreeing to vote for both toxic bills. So, Republicans are sending them a “gift.”

From IJR:

Some House Democrats protested that they would not support the larger bill unless the infrastructure package, which has bipartisan support, was voted on first. But when Pelosi promised a Sept. 27 vote on the infrastructure plan, they decided that was good enough and supported moving forward with the $3.5 trillion proposal…

As such, the National Republican Campaign Committee has christened the group “doormats” and is sending each one a doormat as a token of their status.

The National Republican Campaign Committee is branding these Democrats “doormats” for letting Pelosi walk all over them. For a time, it looked like they’d be brave enough to oppose Pelosi’s obvious scheme.

But it seems like they’d rather have this deranged Speaker push them around than stand for their convictions.

What’s so ironic is that these Democrats know that if this toxic socialist bill passes, they are doomed. Many of them come from swing states, others red states. Voters will not stand for them supporting a bill that will raise taxes, take away jobs, and increase the national debt.

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Yet they are supporting it anyway because they have no backbones. Republicans are letting them and the country know what they really are. Do they like watching old Nancy wipe her feet on them? Will they be able to explain to the folks back home why they are supporting a bill that mortgages their children’s future?

Of course, not. These are cowards, not leaders. House Democrats are so quick to cower to an old witch who cares more about cash than souls. (Probably because she sold her soul a long time ago to old Beelzebub.)

Hopefully, these doormats will be replaced by real leaders soon.

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