After Americans Face Rising Gas Prices – Democrat Governor Calls For A “Gas Tax” For Her Residents In Maine

It’s no secret that Americans from coast to coast have been suffering from rising gas prices. All year long, the cost at the pump has gone up. This is thanks to Joe Biden, who banned drilling on federal land and ended crucial pipeline projects.

Some leaders have scrambled to relieve the pressure American families are facing. Plenty of lawmakers have pressured Biden to reverse his disastrous policies. But there are some politicians, shockingly, who took another route. While their residents were suffering, they tried to increase the price of gas.

From Breitbart:

Maine Gov. Janet Mills’ (D) state budget does not have enough money to meet Mills’ “clean transportation” goals and her administration is now floating ideas for new sources of funding, including a gas tax, according to a report the administration released this month.

Americans pay attention. If you need a reason to vote out every last Democrat from state office, here it is. Even as Americans suffer from Biden’s rising gas prices, the Maine governor is mulling a gas tax to pay for her radical agenda. It seems like Janet Mills is indifferent to Maine residents’ pain at the pump and wants to make it worse.

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Raising taxes on gasoline purchases has been a cheap and easy way Democrats push green policies. After all, they think that if Americans have to pay more for gas, they’ll be motivated to find alternatives, like electric cars. But in reality, most Americans can’t afford an EV—and these taxes just serve to punish them.

Democrats know this, but they do it anyway because they want the tax revenue. But to push this idea now, as gas prices soar, is truly the height of stupidity. This governor appears to be oblivious to her own state’s problems.

How will Maine residents react to this possible, new tax? Are they going to welcome it with shouts of joy? Perhaps rich Democrats will. But something tells me the blue-collar workers and struggling families of the state won’t be too happy.

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