After Americans Order Biden To Increase Oil Production – His Administration Instead Pushes Renewables

Throughout Biden’s administration, the cost of oil has skyrocketed. This is because the “moderate” is bowing to the far-left and has shut down our energy sector. The price of gas has only gotten higher in the last few days, because of sanctions put on Russia—a major oil producer.

The solution is obvious. America needs to start producing more oil again. Biden needs to reverse those harmful policies that crippled our energy independence. Many leaders and citizens are demanding just that. Instead, his incompetent administration is pushing nonsense.

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From Biz Pac Review:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki called for furthering green energy initiatives in the face of foreign oil dependence that could see Americans burdened by $150/barrel prices.

In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Psaki dismissed calls for President Biden to restart the Keystone XL oil pipeline and instead harkened back to the executive order that canceled the project which stated, the U.S. “must prioritize the development of a clean energy economy.”

“What this actually justifies in President Biden’s view is the fact that we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, on oil in general,” Psaki claimed, “and we need to look at other ways of having energy in our country and others.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki ignored legitimate calls to increase American oil production. Even as Americans suffer due to rising gas prices, she claims this is proof we don’t need more oil. How can she get away with this obvious doubletalk? Because she says instead we need to “look at other ways of having energy” in our country.

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Um… right, that’s going to solve the problem! Psaki can conveniently say this because she is an entitled Democrat working out of D.C. She doesn’t have to pay the exorbitant gas prices that are hurting working Americans. She can commute to work on a train or bus, without putting gas in a car. Heck, she might even be able to afford an electric car, given her high salary.

But most Americans aren’t so fortunate. Even if we can magically make renewables viable right now, most Americans don’t have EVs. Her statement ignores the immediate need for oil, one that is crushing Americans who depend on cheap gas to get to work.

Psaki—and apparently Biden himself—is opting for “pie in the sky” wishes than real solutions. Is this why people voted for Joe, so he could shut down our energy and promise something that’s not real? Where is all this renewable energy, Jen? How are we supposed to transition to green energy, with no energy at all?

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