After AOC Tries To Discredit Kavanaugh Supreme Court – She Quickly Gets Blowback From Biden Accuser Reade

If Democrats appear particularly nasty this week, don’t be surprised. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on a case that could overturn one of their most treasured issues, abortion. With Trump’s strong conservative majority, there is a good chance Roe v. Wade gets overturned.

AOC, a woman with a weak grasp of facts, tried to shame Justice Kavanaugh and the Supreme court. She dug up debunked claims against the man—claims that nearly ruined his reputation and family.

From Twitter:

That’s a lot of falsehoods to unpack from a sitting Congresswoman on America’s highest court in the land and one of its duly selected justices.

Many excoriated AOC for her comments, but maybe the best came from Biden accuser Tara Reade, who has been ignored by the Left because it doesn’t suit them politically. She took to Twitter and set the Democrat straight.

Agreed @AOC. Remember that Biden *still*remains credibly accused of sexual assault (by me) & sexual harassment on multiple accounts (8) w/corroborated details and he was never investigated yet he is POTUS. Thank you for believing all survivors regardless of political affiliation.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to discredit Justice Brett Kavanaugh by digging up the old attacks against him. You might remember how a woman made unsubstantiated allegations about the man from 30 years ago. The issue was brought before a renowned investigator, who interviewed both people under oath (and before the entire country).

The accuser’s case was so weak, the investigator said she wouldn’t even bring it before a judge for a warrant.

Yet AOC is counting on her uninformed and knee-jerk audience to believe her distorted re-telling of the facts. So Tara Reade, who has previously accused Joe Biden of assault, took the Democrat to task. She reminded AOC of the fact that Biden is president, despite the substantial details that corroborate her story.

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It seems AOC wants to “believe all women” when it is politically convenient to do so. But neither she nor anyone else on the left, has given Reade the time of day. They consistently ignore her allegations, refusing to even take them seriously, because she is accusing one of their own.

Sorry, AOC, but you can’t have it both ways. You can brandish a conservative justice an “assaulter” over allegations that were dismissed, but ignore credible accounts for a man within your own party. Justice doesn’t work that way. Kavanaugh had his day in court and a chance to face his accuser.

What about Joe? Why won’t he address these claims? Where is the investigation into what Reade has said?

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