After Austin Cancels Veteran’s Day Parade – Gov. Abbott Gives Veterans A Personal Invitation To Rally At Capitol

As America strains to break free from the pandemic, certain rules and guidelines remain. And with the holidays closing in fast, events around the country remain very much in question.

This includes the traditional Veteran’s Day parade held every year in Austin, Texas. Recently, it was announced that city officials were forced to cancel the parade for next week.

But Gov. Greg Abbott quickly fought back.

Abbott has always been against sweeping mask mandates and other restrictions related to the pandemic. He’s often touted Texas as being a state where individual liberties are protected at all costs.

So, when he heard that Austin had canceled the Veteran’s Day parade, he wasn’t too pleased with the decision.

Parade organizers said that because they expected around 30,000 attendees, that exceeded the coronavirus limit. And that’s why they called off the event, though many claim it’s an unnecessary precaution.

Gov. Abbott also called it something else: an “overreach.”

From Fox News:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has invited military veterans in Austin, Texas to gather at the state capitol building after their Veterans Day parade was cancelled due to the city’s coronavirus restrictions.

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The Governor isn’t about to let this pass without notice, and he wants to give veterans another option.

He also wants to give the citizens of Texas another chance to pay respect to our nation’s heroes. This is an important move because according to Census Bureau data, about 1.4 million vets live in the state.

In response to Abbott’s invitation, parade organizers “respectfully declined.”

They also said that instead of a parade, they’re going to dedicate the Veterans Park on November 11. That’s better than nothing, but it still isn’t a parade and Abbott’s invitation still stands.

On top of that, many veterans consider this a serious slap in the face.

That’s exactly what Luis Rodriguez called it; he’s the head of the Wind Therapy Motorcycle Freedom Writers, and he told Axios:

It’s a slap in the face to those who served. It’s for an open air parade.

They allowed Formula 1 to go ahead, and that had five times the number of people as the Super Bowl. They did nothing to shut that down.

They’re playing politics with the honor of veterans and those who have served this country.

Rodriguez makes a strong point.

The events he cites certainly had more than 30,000 attendees, and nobody made a move to stop those events. Of course, it should be noted that such events bring in massive money for the state.

That shouldn’t be the primary concern here, however.

With so many guidelines remaining in place, it’s still difficult to live life normally. And Governors like Abbott will continue to fight for that return to normalcy.

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