After Ben Carson Accuses Biden Of Unconstitutional Act – Joe Gets Sued By Landlords Over Eviction Ban

Americans were shocked when they discovered Joe Biden overstepped the Supreme Court recently.

The court ruled that only Congress has the power to extend so-called eviction bans.

Biden ignored that ruling to extend the ban himself, defying the third branch of our government.

Ben Carson was none too pleased with this turn of events. And he called out Sleepy Joe.

From Fox News:

“We don’t want to create a permanent underclass that is dependent upon the government. and the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled this is beyond the purview of the executive branch and they want to do it anyway, tells us we have reached a stage that is very dangerous in this country.”

Carson called out Joe Biden for ignoring the Supreme Court to ban evictions. And now, a group of landlords is taking the administration to court.

From Western Journal:

On Wednesday, according to Politico, the Alabama and Georgia chapters of the National Association of Realtors filed suit in federal court, alleging the White House “caved to political pressure” and reinstituted the moratorium “without providing any legal basis for its action.”

National Apartment Association President and CEO Bob Pinnegar said the new moratorium has landlords “irate,” with property owners saying they feel they were disregarded by the administration.

A federation of realtors is suing the Biden administration over its recent eviction ban.

They are arguing the White House overstepped its legal authority to prevent landowners from evicting negligent tenants.

Banning evictions is a serious thing. It means the owners of property do not have the power to remove tenants, even when they break the rules of their lease.

That means more than lost money. It means tenants can do whatever they want to someone else’s property, without repercussions.

That may have sounded good at the height of 2020, when millions were out of work. But today, we have a worker’s shortage in many states.

With the vaccine plentiful, there is no reason to lock down cities or prevent people from working.

Yet Biden ignored the ruling of the Supreme Court to rob lawful landowners of their rights.

Not all landlords are rich companies who can get by without collecting rent (even companies can’t do that for long).

Many rentals are owned by regular folks, whose only source of income is that rent. How are they going to pay their bills, with the government doing this?

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And will Biden place a moratorium on property tax (since these landlords won’t be able to pay that, without rent)? I highly doubt it.

Clearly, Biden didn’t think this through. And this lawsuit could end up all the way to the Supreme Court.

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