After Biden Accused Of Historic Lack Of Transparency – Psaki ‘Wrongly’ Claims Biden Takes Plenty Of Questions Each Week

It’s no secret that the media is growing frustrated with Joe Biden. Early on this year, he made few appearances before the press. When he did start giving “press conferences,” he would often give a few remarks and leave without taking questions. The few times he is actually being interviewed, clearly it’s all been arranged ahead of time.

Yet, despite this obvious fact, his press secretary is trying to bend reality. Instead of “circling back,” which she loves to do, she tried to pretend like Biden is the most transparent president in the history of the world. She even made this outrageous claim.

President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended President Joe Biden for his few press conferences and said he takes more questions in a week, during Politico’s “Women Rule: The Exchange” forum on 11/17/2021.

Uh, what? Biden takes “20-30” questions a week? Really? In what dimension? Biden is rarely seen in front of the cameras. And when he is, he only gives short speeches. It’s been a very long time since he’s run his own press conference.

And we all remember the last time he did. He has a list of names to call on. And many suspect he knew the questions in advance.

On top of that, even if he is taking that many questions during the week, what kind of questions are they? Biden was very un-transparent when he first announced his infamous mandate. When Afghanistan fell, he refused to talk about it (turning on a report who dared mention it).

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If Psaki’s talking about “Hi, how are you,” then sure! Biden takes those questions all the time (although his answers aren’t always coherent.) But that is a far cry from serious policy questions, especially about inflation, rising fuel costs, and the open border.

We’ve all seen how closely Biden’s handlers protect the man from the public. Psaki can dodge this reality all she wants, but Americans aren’t fooled. Biden does such a poor job of reaching the public, that half of the country believes he isn’t mentally fit to be president.

Although, we should applaud Psaki for sticking with this job for so long. Lesser press secretaries would have abandoned ship by now. I guess she’s really hoping this will land her a sweet gig over at CNN.

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