After Biden Claimed He Can’t Stop Supreme Court – Joe Pressured Into Executive Order By Democrats

Democrats have been raging at Joe Biden for doing very little ever since Roe v. Wade was killed. Leftists seem to think that the “president” has more power than the Supreme Court.

Well, Joe was finally forced to do something. His office is issuing an executive order to “protect abortion access” in America.

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But it’s far from what the left wants.

From The Hill:

President Biden on Friday will sign an executive order intended to protect abortion and contraception access and bolster privacy in the aftermath of a Supreme Court ruling that struck down the precedent set by Roe v. Wade.

At Biden’s direction, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will take additional action to protect access to abortion medication that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Biden will sign an executive order in response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

But if the left thinks this will magically restore abortion to red states, they are dreaming.

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The order will direct the HHS to “take additional action to protect access” to abortion pills. It’s unclear what that means, or if the agency can get around state laws banning these pills.

The rest of the order does little to protect abortion. The order will require the HHS to “protect access to emergency medical care” for pregnant women and those who experience miscarriages.

Again, this could create a loophole to allow abortions in red states. But it’s unlikely, given the clear ruling of the Supreme Court.

The rest of the order will do little to roll back the Dobbs decision, but it will increase government spending and government oversight of women’s privacy.

Isn’t that what Democrats have complained that Republicans are doing? I guess they don’t mind government interference when it allows them to have abortions.

In the end, this order will do little to “address” the historic ruling that ended Roe v. Wade. And will not impress radical abortion activists, who will not be happy until all 50 states are forced to embrace abortion on demand.

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