After Biden Claimed He Would End Crisis – One Year Later Americans Suffer As Thousands Of Flights Canceled

Joe Biden is facing tremendous backlash over what he once said he’d “shut down.” This week, he told American governors that it was up to them to “solve” the 2020 crisis, not the federal government. This is a radical turnaround from Biden, who used a heavy-handed approach to this problem up until now.

Listen to Biden’s claims as a candidate and as the President, courtesy of Fox News:

But the problem is clearly not going away—and Americans are suffering thanks to Joe’s failure. As fear and confusion spread over the issue, airlines are facing the brunt of it. Americans are being stranded over the holidays, as thousands of flights were axed.

From NBC News:

Thousands of flights around the world have been canceled this week in a continuation of the travel chaos that unfolded over the holidays, with airlines blaming the spread of the omicron variant and adverse weather conditions for the disruptions.

By early Wednesday, more than 2,280 flights had been canceled globally for the day, with more than 740 flights within, to and from the United States called off, according to the flight tracking website FlightAware.

Joe Biden once promised to “shut down” this problem, didn’t he? Then why, after a year, are airlines stranding Americans over Christmas, due to this new “variant”? Plenty of chaos has been afflicting the airline industry, from reports of lost staff to other concerns. The end result is that Americans are losing countless dollars due to cancel flights and disrupted plans.

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More than 2,280 flights were canceled this Wednesday around that world. Hundreds of flights in the U.S. were grounded, with holiday travelers scrambling for solutions. This kind of confusion and problems weren’t happening last holiday season when Trump was president.

It’s not hard to see how Biden failed the country. He promised to do “better” than Trump. But all we’ve seen from this administration is incompetence—and an unwillingness to admit when it is wrong. Biden and his staff seem totally unqualified to handle this crisis. And the American people are suffering as a result.

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