After Biden Claims His House “Burned Down” With Jill In It – Report Sets The Record Straight About The Fire

Even before Joe Biden became President, many called him out for making mistakes and blunders during public speeches. Fact-checkers were also quick to correct his exaggerations.

That didn’t stop after he got into the White House. Numerous examples of Biden’s embellishments have been documented in 2021, and they’ve all evidently hurt the President’s reputation.

Now another exaggeration has popped up — and it didn’t take long for the truth to come out.

The President visited a New Hampshire bridge last week to speak about his new infrastructure plan. Of course, the country’s bridges are just one element of our infrastructure that’s in dire need of maintenance.

Biden tried to inject a personal anecdote into his speech about that bridge, but it didn’t go well.

He was quoted as saying:

Without this bridge, as I said earlier, it’s a 10-mile detour just to get to the other side.

And I know, having had a house burn down with my wife in it — she got out safely, God willing — that having a significant portion of it burn, I can tell: 10 minutes makes a hell of a difference.

According to Fox News, it isn’t the first time Biden has relayed this story.

He said back in 2013 that the blaze in question “destroyed a significant portion” of his New Hampshire house. Obviously, this implies that the fire in question ravaged much of the home.

However, a 2004 news story contradicts these statements:

…a 2004 report from the Associated Press, archived by LexisNexis, said lightning struck the Bidens’ home and started a ‘small fire that was contained to the kitchen.’

The report said firefighters got the blaze under control in 20 minutes and that they were able to keep the flames from spreading beyond the kitchen.

There’s a big difference between a “small fire” in the kitchen and “destroying a significant portion” of the house.

And it seems the President went even a step further in his recent retelling, saying his house “burned down” with his wife in it. So, it seems this story keeps getting more exaggerated with time.

It probably wouldn’t be a big deal if other examples didn’t exist.

Earlier this year, Biden spoke about an Amtrak employee in New Jersey, but that story has been challenged multiple times. And he had to walk back his claims that he was arrested in apartheid-era South Africa.

Afterward, he admitted he wasn’t arrested at all; just “stopped” by authorities.

In 2008, Biden told a riveting story about how his helicopter was “forced down” by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan on “the superhighway of terror.” But the AP reported that a snowstorm forced the chopper down.

Some say this isn’t only an exaggeration problem.

Many will claim this is more evidence of Biden’s alleged cognitive decline. They might say these aren’t intentional embellishments but clear memory lapses, which indicate other mental issues.

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And no matter how many times Biden stops and corrects himself, the inaccurate statements seem to keep coming.

With his dwindling approval ratings, now isn’t the best time to make such mistakes in public. And yet, Republican leaders claim Biden can’t avoid these mistakes without a lot of help.

All of this is only serving to put the President on a slipperier slope, and it could lead to a big fall for Democrats in 2022 and 2024.

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