After Biden Invokes The Civil War In Speech – New Secession Poll Shows Republican Southerners Are Ready To Leave At 66 Percent

For a long time, the radical left and mainstream media have pitted Americans against each other. And it looks like we’re reaching a boiling point.

Ever since Trump was president, the left has slandered and criticized conservatives. (Really, it’s been going on for much longer, but they ratcheted up since 2016.)

That has not stopped under Joe Biden, who seems to daily spew insults at anyone right of center.

Most recently, he slammed anyone that wants election reform, claiming they are similar to Confederates who seceded from the Union.

Well, he might get what he wants, based on this new poll.

From Daily Mail:

A whopping two-thirds of Republicans in the South favor seceding from the United States while nearly half of Democrats in the Pacific region and almost 40 percent in the Northeast say the same, according to a new survey.

A poll asked Americans from various corners of the country if they were open to seceding from the country.

While a big portion of West and East Coast liberals said they were happy to form their own (probably toxic) countries, Southern Republicans took the cake.

Sixty-six percent of Republicans in the South said they’d favor leaving the rest of the country. This is most likely after watching the train wreck that is the Biden administration.

As bad as leaving the country could be, can you really blame them? These are hard-working Americans, who love their country and just want a chance to succeed.

But every time they turn to the TV, open their emails, or see anything from the mainstream, they are scolded as horrible monsters.

Meanwhile, Biden and Democrats push a radical agenda that will erase America as we know it.

Who wouldn’t want to leave, just to protect their values and homes?

Democrats on the West and East Coasts aren’t that far behind them. But they want to leave, simply because they think they know better than everyone in the “flyover” states.

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Considering how these blue states have run their communities into the ground, the last thing they should do is secede. After all, the federal government is basically holding them together with duct tape.

But there’s still hope for America, folks. Secession, or worse, would have disastrous consequences on every American. Citizens should hope that there is a chance for unity and that politics will not tear this country apart.

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