After Biden Issues Executive Order On Ukraine – Republican Tom Cotton Turns the Tables On the President

This week, Russia appeared to launch an attack against Ukraine. This came after weeks of tension and build-up after Joe Biden showed shocking weakness during a press conference. Many claim Biden gave Putin the green light to invade—and what do you know, he did.

Russian forces have entered to “separatist” regions of Ukraine. But many fear this is only the beginning. The United States, at this moment, must show strength and support for Ukraine, our ally. Instead, Biden issued some weak sanctions.

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From OANN:

Late Monday night, the White House confirmed Biden signed an executive order aiming to impose costs on Putin. The order prohibits new investments in the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk from the U.S. and also blocks U.S. goods from entering the area.

And a top Republican, Tom Cotton, is slamming down hard.

From Twitter:

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President Biden’s timid sanctions tonight are wholly unequal to this moment. Russia is invading Ukraine now. The time has come for the “swift and severe” sanctions that Joe Biden has long threatened but refused to impose. There is not a minute to lose.

Biden was slow to call the Russian movements an “invasion,” and only did so after the media pressured him. This has been a problem from day one when Biden said we’d do nothing if Russia performed a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. Apparently, that meant sending forces into Donbas or the other separatist region.

The administration finally announced a few sanctions. But they seem to fail to properly hold accountable Putin and his power-hungry government. Tom Cotton slammed Biden, asking where is the “swift and severe” consequences he’s been talking about. Most experts worry that these sanctions will only serve to hurt Americans, not Russia.

A proper response doesn’t necessarily mean sending troops. That seems to be an unpopular choice among Americans. But Biden doesn’t have to send troops to hit Putin hard. There are a variety of decisions America can make that will send a message to Putin, support Ukraine, and discourage more hostility.

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