After Biden Promised American Costs Would Go Down Under Him – The Cost Of Gas And Jet Fuel Goes Through The Roof

Remember what Biden promised when he was running for president? Yeah, he would have offered us the moon if he had to. Not only did he say he would “build back better,” he claimed that our standard of living would “go up” and our “costs go down.”

Pretty hilarious now, right? Only Americans aren’t laughing. They’re struggling to find a turkey, and they cost a lot more this year.

Biden’s presidency has triggered massive inflation according to many critics, not to mention rising fuel costs. Now, reports are saying things will be getting bleak this holiday season.

From The Western Journal:

Jet fuel is now hitting levels not seen since 2014, according to CNBC…

Although airlines have been keeping fares low to entice travelers back to the skies, one CEO said that’s about over.

“Higher jet fuel prices lead to higher ticket prices,” United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby told CNBC in October. “Ultimately, we’ll pass that through.”

Joe Biden promised last year that his administration would bring about a higher standard of living, but at lower costs. Funny how he claimed that even as Trump’s administration was doing that for nearly every American.

But jump to today and we’ve seen Biden accomplish just the opposite. Supply chain woes and inflation have led to empty store shelves. Biden’s energy agenda has shut down America’s fuel production. So, Americans will be spending “$600 million more per day on gasoline” over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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And the rising costs of jet fuel will soon hurt flyers. Airline CEOs are predicting a spike in ticket prices, because of the rapidly-increasingly price of fuel. They have been trying to keep ticket prices low over the last year, but that will soon come to an end.

Hmm… it seems Biden was totally, 100% wrong about what he promised. Was he lying—or did he not realize that anti-American policies were going to hurt us? We can’t help but imagine that an effective administration would be trying to remedy all these problems right about now.

Instead, Biden is sticking his head in the sand. He refuses to reverse policies that are hurting our energy sector, supply chain, and inflation. Instead, he continues to push an agenda that simply doesn’t work.

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