After Biden Puts Trump’s Border Wall On Ice – Joe’s Building One Of His Own At His Personal Delaware Home

One of the most critical decisions Biden made early on in his administration was to cancel Trump’s border wall project. That, along with many other decisions, triggered a border crisis that has only worsened over the year.

It seems Biden refuses to lift a finger, as over one million migrants flooded the country. I guess Biden doesn’t think walls are very effective at protecting land, huh? Oh, wait. What do we have here? Biden is spending federal dollars to build a wall—around his own home.

From Townhall:

President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware is getting an upgrade thanks to the Department of Homeland Security spending nearly half a million dollars on “security fencing” in the aftermath of his administration halting wall construction along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The New York Post reports DHS awarded the contract for the fencing in September to be built around Biden’s “Summer White House.”

Apparently, Biden can get a security fence around his “summer home” in Delaware. But our country, which is being bombarded by drug cartels and human traffickers, can’t get the same protection? In fact, Biden is able to get this added fencing because he canceled the funding for the border wall.

Smell a rat, anyone?

It seems Biden wants to enjoy a level of protection he is denying the United States. This reminds us of all those Democrats who ranted and raved for cities to defund their police departments. Only for us to find out those very same politicians enjoy private security—in some cases at taxpayers’ expense.

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Apparently, Democrats operate under a “do as I say, not as I do” policy. They want to tax hard-working Americans, making it harder for them to succeed. But their rich buddies (and donors) get to enjoy all kinds of tax breaks and deductions. Democrats make our communities and cities worse, while they live in gated neighborhoods.

Are we at all surprised that the same man who canceled jobs, shut down the border wall, created numerous crises around the country is now spending our money to protect his home? It seems like he fears invaders crossing into his territory, huh?

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