After Biden Sends $308M To Afghanistan – Nonprofits Claim Taxpayer Dollars Are Going Straight To The Taliban

Joe Biden’s biggest failure (to date) was his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. He ignored warnings from top generals to hastily pull our troops. Even with intel from the former Afghani president, he abandoned the country as the Taliban was mustering its forces.

Quickly the Taliban took over, taking billions of dollars worth of weapons from the U.S. Biden proceeded to bow to the Taliban’s demands, botching an evacuation effort and leaving thousands behind.

But the chaos hasn’t ended there. Afghanistan is on the verge of collapse, thanks to the corrupt leadership of the Taliban. Biden claimed he was sending millions of dollars to aid the people. But one group is blowing the whistle. From Fox News:

The hundreds of millions of dollars that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has pledged to send to Afghanistan will be going into the wrong hands, nonprofit rescue groups warn.

The funds, over $308 million in all, “are not going to go in the hands of the average Afghan, it is going to go in the hand of the Taliban for food supply,” Sean Kilbrane, the programs manager for Save Our Allies, told Fox News.

Biden sent over $300 million to help suffering Afghans. But according to one group, that money is going to help our enemies, the Taliban. Because we have no presence left in the country, not even an embassy, we have no means of ensuring aid is going to those who are really in need.

Because the Taliban took over last Summer, the nation’s entire infrastructure has collapsed. Reports revealed that the country was on the verge of losing all electricity, as the Taliban refused to pay the bills.

Food shortages are only the beginning of the problems. The Taliban clearly have no means of supporting or running an entire country.

But does that mean Biden should be blindly throwing money at the country? Clearly not. Because we don’t have anyone over there oversee the efforts, we have no way to stop the Taliban from taking all the money.

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Over the 20 years that the U.S. was in Afghanistan, we heard about wasted funds. We spent large sums of money to staff their military, but learned we were paying for “ghost soldiers.” Where did all that money go?

It padded the pockets of corrupt generals and leaders. So, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn Americans will be outraged about this latest instance of wasted tax dollars.

Perhaps if Biden didn’t let our enemy take over Afghanistan, this wouldn’t be happening? But it’s clear that now, he has no business sending them our money.

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