After Biden Teases 2nd Attempt At Welfare Bill – Democrat Joe Manchin Rides In And Slams The Door On It

Joe Biden’s biggest failure (among many) has been his inability to fix our flagging economy. Not that his ideas for fixing it are worth much. His best plan was a massive spending bill that would increase taxes, put millions of people on welfare, and add to the deficit. And Democrats had the audacity to call it the “Build Back Better” plan.

The bill failed to get passed in the Senate, leaving its future in doubt. Some claimed there were “talks” going on in January to revive the bill. That seemed to be untrue. Last night, Biden reminded Americans about his socialist spending bill. It seemed he wanted to jumpstart this dead legislation.

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But Sen. Joe Manchin once again pulled the plug. From the Washington Times:

Sen Joe Manchin III on Tuesday shot down President Biden’s calls to revive the administration’s $1.75 trillion social welfare and climate package, known as the Build Back Better Act…

“When we invest in our workers, when we build the economy from the bottom up and the middle out together,” Mr. Biden said. “We can do something we haven’t done in a long time: build a better America.”

Mr. Manchin does not appear to believe the rhetoric.

“I’ve never found out that you can lower costs by spending more,” he said.

Sen. Manchin blasted Biden for mentioning his dead “BBB” bill during the State of the Union. The moderate said “nothing’s changed” since the last time Democrats tried to pass that toxic spending bill. Neither Joe nor anyone else in the party has agreed to make changes to the bill. They have not tried negotiating with Manchin, who frequently said the bill costs too much.

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Biden rambled on, claiming his socialist spending spree would fix runaway inflation. Keep in mind, the runaway inflation was caused by Biden’s previous spending spree, the $1.5 trillion “stimulus” bill. Last year, he passed that bill that injected a trillion new dollars into the economy. That kickstarted inflation, which has yet to slow down.

Yet he claims that another massive spending bill, which would increase taxes to pay for things like child care, would help. Manchin had the best response to that, you can’t lower costs by spending more. If this economy is going to recover, then the government is going to have to stop interfering.

But it seems Biden and his Democrats are hellbent on flushing our recovery down the toilet. He continues to push policies that are jeopardizing American jobs—and sending our cash overseas. Perhaps he really does want us to fail—as badly as he is?

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