After Biden’s Legacy Gets Turned Upside Down – Progressives Pressure Joe To Act On His Own Use Executive Orders

The news came out this month that Biden’s biggest goal, his massive spending bill, would stall. Without Sen. Manchin’s support for the “Build Back Better” bill, it would not see the light of day this year or perhaps next. It struck a massive blow to Biden’s agenda—another failure for this failing presidency.

Americans will avoid massive new taxes, increased welfare, and other problems with this bill not passing. But, progressives are determined to force their socialist agenda onto the country. And they are pressuring Sleepy Joe to use his executive power to make it happen.

From The Washington Examiner:

With the Build Back Better Act wounded, perhaps fatally, by the public defection of West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, liberals are calling on President Joe Biden to go solo in fulfilling his agenda.

But those calls are meeting resistance from opponents who say they’re bad policy at best and illegal at worst.

Since the “BBB” bill failed in the Senate, progressives have come out to tell Biden to just force it into reality. They seem to think Biden can circumvent Congress (defying the Constitution) and implement much of this agenda through executive order. That would require Biden to order federal agencies to push new rules that will achieve some of their socialist demands.

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Many critics have slammed this idea. Biden’s radical spending bill would have required support from the second branch of the federal government. To just force it through executive orders appears to be a breach of the separation of powers. If Biden can just force his will onto the country, why do we even have a Congress at all?

But these are “Democratic socialists,” after all. You know, the group of lawmakers who apparently don’t know the law? The likes of Pramila Jayapal, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders. These socialists are hellbent to make their extreme agenda a reality. They don’t seem to worry about things like a president acting like a dictator.

For them, the ends seem to justify the means. So, they think Biden should do away with the whole “checks and balances” stuff created by our Founding Fathers and push this plan onto Americans.

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