After Biden’s Oil Reserve Release Is An Utter Failure – Joe Claims He’s Going To ‘Work Like the Devil’ To Drop Prices

While Donald Trump was in office, we were the world’s leader in energy production. America was exporting more energy than any other country. We were not only energy-independent but dominant. And the folks who benefited the most were everyday Americans. But Joe Biden made sure to shut that down.

Gas prices have continued to rise since Joe entered office. This is a direct result of many of his policies. But Joe refuses to reverse his “green” executive orders that crippled our energy market. His Band-Aid solution flopped. Now, he is saying he’ll “work like the devil” to bring prices down.

From Breitbart:

“I’m going to work like the devil to get gas prices down,” Biden told attendees at the National Association of Counties 2022 Legislative Conference in Washington, DC…

As of Monday, the average gas prices are up to $3.48 a gallon while in some places across the country drivers are paying up to five or six dollars a gallon…

But Biden continues to push his anti-energy agenda, blocking key pipelines such as the Keystone XL project and trying to freeze new drilling on federal lands.

Biden’s policies directly hurt America’s energy production, resulting in high gas prices (and high heating and electricity bills). His bankrupt administration claimed that gas companies are to blame because they are charging customers more. That sounds a lot like their claim that it is grocery stores and meat producers’ fault food prices are so high.

It’s never Biden’s fault, isn’t it? Even though it was his administration that clamped down on drilling, created heavy fines for emissions, shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, and pushed various other policies that strangled our energy production.

Biden now says he’ll work “like the devil” over this situation. Yeah, we believe him. Because only the devil would go out of his way to hurt the very people he is supposed to be serving. Biden’s “solution” to the problem—by depleting our emergency reserve of oil—did nothing to fix the problem.

We knew that wouldn’t work—and said so. So did many energy experts who pointed out that the barrels he released were dwarfed by the actual amount we need on a daily basis. Anyone with a calculator could have figured that out. I guess no one in the White House knows how to do math.

I don’t know why Biden is promising to lower gas prices. This is the same man who promised to “shut down” the oil industry during the election. And he’s made good on his promise to the radical left to cripple fossil fuels. Why would he now try to do anything to lower prices? All he needs to do is lift the many executive orders he signed that crippled this industry in the first place.

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