After Biden’s Supply Chain Solution Fails – GOP Accuses White House Of Lying About Their Grip On “High School Economics”

You probably know all about the supply chain crisis hitting America. Thanks to a number of problems by the Biden administration, ships are having a hard time off loading their goods at ports. The problems triggering this crisis include rising fuel costs (Biden’s fault), a shortage of workers (Biden’s fault), and increasing inflation (Biden’s fault).

The administration claimed they had the solution: force the ports to run 24/7. Yeah! Except, that doesn’t address the many real causes of this crisis. And after a few months of this “solution,” we are learning it has done absolutely nothing.

From Daily Wire:

President Biden’s decision to keep the Port of Los Angeles open “24 hours a day, seven days a week” has not made a dent in supply chain bottlenecks troubling businesses and consumers across the country…

“I can’t get over this,” said Omri Ceren, who serves as national security adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “The most comforting explanation is that Biden officials are — brazenly, unblinkingly, with full confidence journalists will let them get away with it — lying about their grip on high school economics. Because the alternatives are really grim.”

Clearly, Biden’s people have no idea what is causing the supply chain crisis and what would solve it. Pete Buttigieg, the DOT head who ignored the crisis for months, claimed the problem was because “income is up” and it is driving up demand.

Hey, is your income up, this year? After rising prices in food, gas, electricity, and everything else, probably not.

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Buttigieg was blasted for his “high school” level of understanding of economics. The reason the supply chain crisis is ongoing is because of the decisions Biden made. Americans are not rolling in the bucks, driving up demand. If that were the case, businesses would have many people lining up for good-paying jobs, getting the chain moving.

Instead, Biden paid people to stay at home. Rising fuel costs and inflation has made it harder for companies to keep their doors open. They can’t afford to hire people, who are getting free checks from the state. Meanwhile, the ports can’t offload these ships because of a lack of truck drivers and other workers.

Keeping the ports open 24/7 is meaningless when there is nobody to receive the goods.

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