After California Governor Goes Missing For 10 Days – Newsom Finally Shows Up At A Fantasy Billionaire Wedding

Speculation was starting to grow over the odd disappearance of California Gov. Gavin Newsom. After publicly getting a Moderna booster, the man was not seen in public for 10 days. People started to ask questions, which triggered his wife to post an angry tweet. She quickly took it down.

His office claimed he was spending time with family, even though he canceled his much-anticipated trip to the climate summit in Scotland. But without a clear answer, he mysteriously appeared again—at a billionaire’s wedding.

From BPR:

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has popped up at the social event of the year, attending the wedding of an oil heiress in San Francisco on Saturday after disappearing off the radar for more than eleven days, claiming unspecific “family obligations.”

Newsom and his wife were reportedly spotted in two of [Vogue’s] photos which were posted to social media by RedState’s Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar.

Gov. Newsom has not appeared in public for nearly two weeks after getting a booster shot. But now, without explanation, it appears he attended the lavish wedding of an oil heiress in San Francisco. The wedding was officiated by non-other than Nancy Pelosi herself.

Because, you know, far-left Democrats like Pelosi and Newsom hate fossil fuels so much, they attend the weddings of rich oil barons. Odd.

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Pictures seem to reveal Newsom and his wife in the second row during the event. Vogue Magazine claims that Newsom was in fact in attendance. Other aids are now claiming they met with and spoke with Newsom over the last ten days.

The pictures could be of Newsom and his wife. But, conveniently, none of them are close-ups. On top of that, attendees were wearing face masks, making it difficult to ID anyone properly. Newsom’s press secretary says the governor will resume normal appearances this week, suggesting his absence was unusual, yet still unexplained.

Could Newsom have had a reaction to his treatment? Was he sick? Or was he just trying to get away from it all for a little while? Why hasn’t he come forward to dispel any rumors?

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