After Congress Defeat Biden Could Go Full Monarchy – The Squad Is Begging Joe To Use Executive Orders To Get BBB Done

Far-left Democrats were reeling after Sen. Joe Manchin refused to support Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. His “no” means the bill has no chance of passing in the Senate (short of major changes to the bill). And you can imagine how outraged “Democratic” socialists became over it.

Bernie Sanders went after Manchin. Others threw around ugly insults. But AOC and her radical squad called for Biden to somehow do it anyway—by abusing his executive authority.

Form Fox News:

House progressives are calling on President Biden to use his executive power to implement parts of Democrats’ massive legislative agenda…

“In Congress, we will continue to prioritize a legislative path for Build Back Better… In the meantime, the White House must continue to act on a parallel track by using the President’s incredibly powerful tool of executive action.”

Such a wild abuse of the president’s powers has many people worried. Some claim it could turn our country into a “monarchy.”

Watch Video From YouTube:

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Some pundits are sounding the alarm over the possibility of Joe Biden forcing his agenda through executive authority. If Joe followed up on socialist AOC’s advice, he would essentially become a “monarch,” pushing his agenda without support from lawmakers.

That is exactly what our Founding Fathers tried to avoid when they crafted our government. The ruling powers were divided up on purpose, so no one man or group could rule by mandates. Congress and the courts play a crucial role in checking the power of the president.

Despite what the left says, the failure of “BBB” to pass is how it’s supposed to work. If Congress can’t agree on a bill, it doesn’t go through. That is by design. Joe Biden just can’t wave his hand and make drastic changes to our system. He needs the support of Congress—and the Supreme Court.

What AOC and her allies are suggesting is a gross departure from the very principles of our government. It’s like they don’t even know the Constitution. If they do, they certainly aren’t interested in following it.

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