After Court Freezes Trucker Donations – Christian Company Defies The Order Promises The Funds Will Flow

While inflation and the economy have dominated headlines so far in 2022, perhaps the biggest story of the year is something very different: the “Freedom Convoy,” which began in Canada.

The Convoy consists of over 50,000 truckers pushing back against their country’s draconian mandates, and they’ve been making waves across both Canada and the United States.

And now, they just got some good news — all thanks to one Christian company that defied a court order.

The Convoy is so popular that thousands of people have started donating to the cause. They’ve used crowdfunding sources like GiveSendGo to help the truckers in their quest for freedom and independence.

However, an Ontario court issued a ruling this week that froze all monetary donations to the truckers, and anyone participating in the Freedom Convoy.

This threw a wrench into the works and infuriated those who’d tried to support the group. The funds were basically “in limbo,” as they hadn’t been distributed and weren’t returned to the donors.

But GoSendGo is standing tall in the face of the order — they’re just flat-out ignoring it.

As the company tweeted in response:

GiveSendGo claims the court has “absolutely zero jurisdiction” over how they can distribute the donations, and they promise that all funds will indeed go directly to the Freedom Convoy.

This comes as good news to everyone involved because the platform had raised $8 million for the Convoy and intended charities.

The ruling made it clear that the funds weren’t seized by the government, but they also weren’t allowed to go to the truckers. GiveSendGo says they’re not going to let this “freeze” last much longer.

The Freedom Convoy has drawn widespread attention, as there are reports of similar efforts in other countries, including New Zealand and the U.S.

Many Republicans and Conservative citizens support this pushback against countries with lingering pandemic mandates. That’s a big reason why there have been over $8M in donations.

Several countries around the world, and states in America, are rolling back the stricter guidelines. But some say it’s not happening quickly enough.

And until all freedoms are restored and all mandates are lifted, it’s likely that citizens will keep rebelling in their own ways.

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