After Democrat Texas Lt. Gov. Candidate Quits – He Hints That Beto As A ‘White Male Christian’ Should Bow Out Too

Democrats talked a big talk about their ability to win in the upcoming Texas elections. But already they are seeing the writing on the wall. For years, they’ve tried to turn the red state blue. It seems they can’t even turn it purple. In recent elections, the state has gone for conservatives more than ever before.

Perhaps that’s the reason Matthew Dowd abandoned his race for lieutenant governor after only ten weeks. But that’s not the reason he’s claiming. In a post, he said he was doing it so that the state will have more “diverse” leadership. And it seems he was calling out a familiar face.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Matthew Dowd has ended his campaign for lieutenant governor of Texas. The self-proclaimed “thought leader” said Tuesday he had “made the decision from a place of integrity,” citing a 2018 column he wrote for ABC News urging “white male Christians” like himself to “take it upon ourselves to step back and give more people who don’t look like us access to the levers of power.” […]

The announcement is perhaps best viewed as a thinly veiled attack on Beto O’Rourke, who is favored to win the Democratic nomination for Texas governor, but is also a white male Christian running in an even more diverse primary field.

I can’t speak to these liberals’ claims to be Christian based on their policies, but at least they are right about one thing: they are white guys. And that seems to be too much for Dowd, who abandoned his race after saying the state should have more non-whites controlling the “levers of power.”

Sure, because the majority of Americans shouldn’t have people representing them at all, eh Dowd? Is it a crime for competent, capable, patriotic people to lead our states, just because they are white men?

People pointed out that Dowd’s words sound hollow, given the only other liberal people running for lieutenant governor are white. Some speculated that he was taking at a shot at Robert Francis O’Rourke, a white man running for governor of Texas.

O’Rourke seems to be trying to hide the fact that he’s white, by going by the nickname “Beto,” which sounds Hispanic. He doesn’t like to admit this nickname was given to him by his nanny as a child and has nothing to do with his ethnicity.

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O’Rourke failed twice in his recent bids for Senate and the White House. Yet, for some odd reason, this far-left socialist thinks he has a shot at taking the governorship from Greg Abbott. Abbott scored a major Second Amendment win for Texans when he eliminated concealed carry permits.

This Democrat, on the other hand, wants to ban AR-15’s and other “weapons of war.” That alone disqualifies him from running for governor. But his “ally” Dowd, thinks it is really about his race.

Dowd thinks he’s sounding inclusive and “woke,” but he’s really just judging people based on the color of their skin. What was that called again?

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