After DeSantis Declares His Wife Cancer-Free He Tells His Praying Supporters They Made A “Tremendous Difference”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become one of the most popular politicians in the country in recent years.

In fact, according to most polls, DeSantis is the most popular Republican in the nation, second only to former President Donald Trump. And it’s very possible that Florida’s head man runs for President in 2024.

However, DeSantis has been forced to deal with a major family issue, and that took priority over his professional life.

When his wife Casey was diagnosed with breast cancer, it came as a shock to fans of the right-wing family. They quickly responded with an outpouring of sympathy and support on social media.

And apparently, it was this show of support that had a tremendously positive impact on both Ron and Casey.

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This week, the Governor made a public announcement that his wife’s treatment was successful, and she was now “cancer-free.” But he also added a few words of thanks to everyone who sent their prayers.

In a heartwarming video posted to Twitter, DeSantis said it “made a tremendous difference”:

DeSantis further encouraged other women who were battling breast cancer to keep fighting, and said they can “overcome this” just as his wife did.

Casey was first diagnosed last year and when the Governor revealed the news in October, his stunned constituency flooded Twitter, Facebook, and other social media avenues with tidal waves of hope and support.

For her part, the newly-healthy Casey said in a statement:

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Hopefully, Mrs. DeSantis remains cancer-free and the family can go back to being the strong public servants they’ve always been.

Gov. DeSantis has become immensely popular primarily due to his stances on the southern border crisis, the pandemic, and inflation. He’s battled the Biden administration every step of the way.

And in so doing, he’s garnered millions of fans across the country, not merely in the state of Florida.

There’s a good chance that he’ll at least make a stab at the presidency in 2024, though most surveys show Trump has a sizable lead within the party.

At the very least, though, his wife has gotten the news she’d hoped for, and Gov. DeSantis can push forward with his family at his side. That alone should give him more strength than ever.

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