After DeSantis Officially Launches Re-Election Campaign – Democrats Signal They’re Giving Up On Florida

Nobody expected, just a few years ago, that Florida would be a red state today. The long-standing “battleground” state has become increasingly red since 2016. In both elections, they went for Trump. And they now enjoy two Republican senators and a rockstar conservative governor named Ron DeSantis.

The governor has ensured Florida’s prosperity, even as Biden goes out of his way to hurt Americans. Florida is booming, thanks to DeSantis’ America-first agenda. And he just announced his plans to continue to win for his state.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Gov. Ron DeSantis quietly filed his paperwork for reelection on Friday…

The paperwork… allows the Republican governor to legally start running ads and conducting campaign rallies as a candidate on the 2022 ballot as soon as next week.

And DeSantis is so successful and popular in the state, that Democrats have given up entirely.

From Townhall:

The Democratic Governors Association “has no plans to give significant financial help to Florida Democrats” in their efforts to take out the popular and successful Republican governor…

“The DGA, which spent more than $15 million in Florida over the past two gubernatorial election cycles, is starting to deprioritize the state and is expected to have a much smaller footprint during the midterms, said two Florida Democratic consultants who have been in contact with the DGA.”

Ouch, this has to hurt the coastal elites, who think they can dump their socialist agenda anywhere in America. As news hits that DeSantis is preparing his reelection campaign, word comes out that the Democrats will not be spending much money to take back the state next year.

The Democratic Governors Association, the group that helps fund liberal governor candidates, announced they are “deprioritizing” Florida as a potential target to flip. This comes after years of Democrats trying to turn the state into a liberal stronghold. But aside from a few, small, blue areas, the state is becoming redder and redder.

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(That includes Miami, whose Cuban-American population is wildly opposed to the left’s socialist plans.)

This is pretty much the left admitting defeat. If they are not willing to shell out cash for a Democrat challenger, they have little chance of beating an incumbent governor who continues to deliver for the state. Without the support of a national group like the DGA, local Democrats will lack the resources to run effective campaigns.

But that’s because Democrats on the national stage don’t want to spend money on races they know they cannot win. I wonder how many more states will become “deprioritized” as Democrats realize just how unpopular they are?

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