After Employee Skips Work To “Mourn” Roe v. Wade – His Employer Quickly Sends Him A Pink Slip

After the landmark Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade, the left has erupted in highly vocal protest. This includes liberal elected officials.

Amid numerous protests across the nation, we’ve also seen examples of individuals throwing up highly questionable posts on social media.

But one employer wasn’t about to put up with a tantrum from one of their employees.

Michael Lopez was a production coordinator at Universal Music Enterprises and he had a big problem with the historic SCOTUS decision.

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He put up a post on LinkedIn that quickly went viral:

In it, he identified as a “queer brown person” and claimed he was fired for speaking up for abortion rights. He refused to work on the Friday the ruling came down.

He claimed he was “in mourning” for the decision, which was his excuse for skipping work that day.

Lopez also demanded that his company “stop donating to anti-abortion, anti-queer and anti-trans politicians,” and named some GOP officials.

Then, via The Daily Wire:

Lopez alleged that he received a ‘surprise’ video chat on June 27 from the human resources department informing him that he had been terminated for not doing his job and ‘disrupting the day of 275 people,’ according to a paraphrase.

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That didn’t stop there for Lopez, though.

He then said his firing is an example of the company putting profit ahead of the “working class,” and “maintaining the status quo.”

However, Lopez’s testimony might not hold up to scrutiny, according to his employer.

According to The New York Post, a Universal spokesperson said Lopez’s allegations are “inaccurate,” which means he’s either exaggerating or lying.

Many corporations around the country are voicing their support for abortion services and helping employees to get abortions.

But when an employee has a mini-meltdown and decides not to go to work for political reasons, that should be grounds for termination according to many.

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