After Florida Man Hangs Three-Story Trump Signs – His County Fines Him Daily But Gets Nationwide Support

It’s no secret that Democrats have long tried to undermine our free speech rights. From claims of “hate speech” to exploiting obscure laws, liberals from coast to coast try to find ways to silence patriotic Americans.

And if you support Donald Trump—they’re really looking to silence you.

Over the years, we’ve seen liberal-run communities penalize Trump supporters for putting up flags, banners, and signs. But this one instance might take the cake. A town is trying to charge a man $50 a day just for hanging up a pro-Trump banner. He’s refusing. So, patriots are stepping up to help him.

From WBTW:

“I had attended the code enforcement meeting when this was brought up, and I was quite shocked when they said they were going to fine him $50 a day for a banner that’s on his private property,” supporter Tabitha Howard said…

Peavy said he has no plans to remove the banners. He claimed that people all over the country have offered to pay the fines, including a Louisiana woman who has offered to pay for the next two years.

A liberal-run beach community is charging a man $50 a day over a pro-Trump banner. The county official claims his sign is violating their “land-use code.” But it’s hard to believe they are not simply ruffled by the fact that he is supporting the 45th president.

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The man, Marvin Peavy, refuses to take down any of his signs. So, the community continues to charge him what will end up being a massive fine. But according to the man, people from all over the country are showing him support. Some are offering to pay the fine, including one woman who is willing to pay for it for the next two years.

Does that sound crazy to you? You don’t know Trump supporters. For over six years, they have been slandered, abused, and ridiculed by the liberal elite. In communities all over the country, they have been called racist, stupid, backwards, and worse. All because they support a Republican president and cherish their constitutional liberties.

Peavy is not alone in this battle. Trump supporters have faced this backlash, but refuse to back down. Even after the chaos that was the 2020 Election, they hold out hope that 45 can return and fix everything the left has broken.

And, chances are, they will be heard loud and clear come the 2022 midterms. Folks like those that run Seagrove Beach should be very careful.

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