After Jill Biden Calls Latinx “Unique As Breakfast Tacos” – FLOTUS Sent Spinning By Hispanics And GOP, Forced To Apologize

Jill Biden flew down to San Antonio to pander to Hispanic Americans. The city had to put up with Biden’s wife for a few hours—much to the distaste of many of its residents.

But it was not all miserable. While trying to win over a group that has given Joe dismal approval, Jill managed to call them tacos!

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I kid you not.

As you can imagine, the Hispanic community was not impressed. Outrage is a better word.

From Fox News:

“Using breakfast tacos to try to demonstrate the uniqueness of Latinos in San Antonio demonstrates a lack of cultural knowledge and sensitivity to the diversity of Latinos in the region,” NAHJ began in a statement released Monday.

And now, this liberal woman was forced to apologize.

From The Hill:

First lady Jill Biden apologized on Tuesday after saying the Hispanic community was as “unique” as “breakfast tacos” during a speech on Monday.

“The First Lady apologizes that her words conveyed anything but pure admiration and love for the Latino community,” tweeted Michael LaRosa, Biden’s press secretary.

Apparently, Jill Biden feels so bad about insulting Hispanics, that she couldn’t even issue the apology herself.

She turfed the job to Michael LaRosa instead of doing it herself.

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I’m sure the white liberals in the media will find this good enough and move on. But something tells me that Hispanic voters won’t forgive this so quickly.

She had already insulted them by attending an event that used the ominous  “Latinx” term.

Hispanics have denounced this stupid and meaningless word that actually insults them, not celebrates them.

But to make matters worse, she said the Hispanic folks in San Antonio were “unique as breakfast tacos.”

Hey, I live in SA. And we love our breakfast tacos. But when a privileged, elitist liberal comes to our town and calls our Hispanic friends tacos?

What the hell are they thinking in D.C.?

Not that Joe is any better relating to non-white, non-liberal insiders. He is out of touch as his wife and has a reputation for insulting everyone.

Hispanic approval for Joe is in the toilet already. It will only get worse from here.

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