After Joe Biden’s Approval Hits Historic Low – Democrats May Be Preparing To Ditch The President For Good

Over the last year, we’ve seen Biden’s approval numbers decline. It started in the Spring but got much worse after his failure in Afghanistan. Then, he followed that blunder up with his infamous mandate.

His approval never recovered. Now, it is the worst it’s ever been.

From The Hill:

President Biden’s approval rating is at a historic low in a new poll…

The new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 41 percent, a historic low for the president in polls conducted by the groups. Fifty-five percent of adults in the U.S. disapprove of the job Biden is doing as president.

That poll is consistent with every other, some having his approval as low as 36%. Things are getting so bad, it appears Democrats are ready to ditch him—after only one year.

From The Federalist:

When The New York Times begins publishing op-eds saying Joe Biden should not run again, and that he should announce it soon, then the gig is officially up. Biden is a lame duck…

Columnist Bret Stephens is right to note that the president would be 86 years old at the time of the next election cycle, and that he now “seems … uneven. Often cogent, but sometimes alarmingly incoherent.”

Joe is in the process of sinking not only himself but also his party in the upcoming midterms and possibly the 2024 election, so the door to retirement is being planned.

With Biden’s spending agenda (one that the left nominated him to pass) is dead, there isn’t much use left for him. Democrats propped him up as the “moderate” choice to bamboozle Americans. But we quickly learned (as Mike Pence warned) he was just a Trojan horse for socialism.

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Because Biden has failed and his approval is tanking, Democrats would be crazy to continue to support him. A recent article from the Times claims Biden is “too old” to run for reelection. But we know that is just an excuse.

Biden wasn’t “too old” last year when he couldn’t even speak straight. But now, after he’s failed to pass their spending bill, he’s over the hill?

Yeah, right. Biden was the left’s last chance at getting their radical agenda through. If a “moderate” who is well known to Americans can’t do it, who can? It’s not as if Bernie Sanders has much of a chance. And Kamala Harris is a joke.

The best thing Democrats can do now is pressure Biden to bow out, hoping a winnable candidate magically appears by 2024.

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