After Kamala Claims The Ports Are Running 24/7 – Goya Foods CEO Says They Are Still Majorly Backed Up

Throughout most of 2021, Americans suffered from a supply chain crisis. Thanks to mandates, stimulus checks, and extended unemployment, shipping companies struggled to move products across the country. The result was hundreds of cargo ships stuck at sea.

It wasn’t until August when Biden bothered to address it. His administration put forward a few half-hearted solutions to the issue. Recently, “Vice President” Kamala Harris claims the problem is solved because CA ports are running 24/7. But an American CEO knows better.

From OANN:

CEO of Goya Foods Robert Unanue suggests Kamala Harris is lying about improving the country’s supply chain.

In an interview Monday the billionaire was asked about the V.P’s comments. When she asserted that “business is booming” and that the ports are open “24-seven”.

Unanue immediately called this “fake news” adding the ports are very much backed up due to staffing shortages with very few truck drivers being able to keep up with the pace of demand.

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue accused Harris of lying when she said the supply chain crisis in California is improving. She claimed that the ports previously backed up are now running smoothly, thanks to their push for 24/7 operations.

Unanue called that a false claim, saying the ports are still backed up. He attributed it to staffing shortages, as there are not enough trucks to offload the goods. This has the ring of truth, since even running 24/7 won’t solve the problem if there aren’t trucks there to pick up the cargo.

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So what if a CA port is open at 3 AM? Are there truck drivers ready to go at 3 AM? Are trucking companies able to hire new drivers—or are too many at home thanks to Biden’s extended unemployment payments?

Unanue also brought up another key point. He said the crisis is worse than it should be because Biden undid many Trump-era policies that helped the country soldier on. In reality, the country was experiencing a “V-shaped” recovery by the end of last year.

Trump was helping America recover by leaps and bounds. That all came to a crashing halt when Biden took over. The supply chain crisis is only one of many problems he appears unable (or unwilling) to fix.

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