After Kamala Dodges Border With Mexican President – Another Large Caravan Launches Toward Southern Border

Remember when Joe Biden tapped Kamala Harris to fix the border crisis? What did she do again? Oh, yeah. She went to foreign countries and promised to give them huge sums of money. Did that help? No, no it didn’t.

But, she’s back on foreign soil again. She even met with Mexico’s president. Guess what they didn’t talk about?

From Daily Caller:

Vice President Kamala Harris met with Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador to discuss everything but the border, according to a Thursday press release.

Harris and Obrador didn’t appear to discuss the Biden administration’s pending implementation of former President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico program or other issues overwhelming U.S. border officials, such as increased migration to the country, according to the statement.

Despite the administration’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge the crisis, things are getting worse.

From the NY Post:

Yet another caravan of Central American migrants is headed north toward the US-Mexico border after leaving southern Mexico Thursday — the same day President Biden met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and did not press the border crisis with him.

Despite both Harris and Biden meeting with the Mexican president, they did not discuss the ongoing crisis at our border. And thanks to Biden’s refusal to deal with this issue, an estimated 2,000 more migrants from Central America and Haiti are on their way.

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This is only the first wave of a reported 20,000+ migrants that have passed through Mexico. As many as one million migrants have crossed our border this year. The Biden administration has refused to enforce our immigration laws or deport these jumpers. Instead, thousands have been bused or flown to all corners of the country.

It seems Biden just wants us to stop talking about this issue. He doesn’t want us to know his administration has done nothing to secure the border. Many Republican critics suspect Biden has been doing this on purpose; that the crisis was part of his plan.

Regardless, Biden is quickly losing support among Americans. In South Texas, a traditionally Hispanic, liberal-voting region, voters are turning on Democrats. As the border crisis continues to rage, more and more Americans are getting sick and tired of Biden.

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