After Large Caravan Sends Biden Clear Message – Joe Gets Impeachment Charge Texas Sends Reinforcements

The sage of Biden’s border crisis continues to unfold. Even as a record number of migrants flood our country, Sleepy Joe deliberately does nothing. In fact, everything he does seems to be making the problem worse.

It seems even the hordes of invaders know Biden is responsible for this.

From Fox News:

The caravan, made up of mostly Central Americans, South Americans and Haitians, is the largest and most organized of its kind this year, with participants registering to join via QR code starting on Oct. 15…

“Tell Biden we are coming,” one migrant named William from El Salvador told Fox News.

And that’s not all they are saying. Remember Obama’s famous chant? Now the caravan is chanting it:

Americans are clearly fed up with Biden’s attempts to create an open border. And Tucker Carlson charged him with impeachment over it. From Fox News:

Joe Biden is actively and intentionally breaking federal law, even as he works to protect himself and his own family from the consequences of these lunatic policies…

Presidents have been impeached for less than that. In fact, no American president who ever has been impeached, not Andrew Johnson, but Richard Nixon, not Bill Clinton. Not even Donald Trump has ever even been accused of crimes this flagrant or this serious, not even close.

In response to the growing chaos, the state of Texas is sending its guardsmen.

Thousands more migrants are marching toward the U.S. border, expecting to receive a warm welcome. Joe Biden ignores the problem and continues to make it impossible for DHS and Border Patrol to enforce our laws.

Meanwhile, migrants are practically gloating, telling their buddy Joe that they are on their way. Faced with this staggering crisis, the Texas National Guard has been deployed. The state of Texas has battled intensely to secure the border in the wake of Biden’s policies.

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They have sued the administration. They have started building their own security fencing. They used police cars as barriers. They have even passed legislation to imprison border jumpers for up to a year. Now, they will be utilizing guardsmen in an effort to turn away these invaders.

The media is blissfully ignoring the fallout of Biden’s policies. Drug cartels and other dangerous criminals are easily entering the country. Lives are being exploited by smugglers and human traffickers. American communities are being overrun.

But the administration doesn’t seem to care, hell-bent as it is to recruit new voters. Unless a major shift takes place in D.C., this won’t be fixed at all. Should Biden be impeached over this? We can’t say. But we do know that’s far from happening, with this Congress.

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