After NBA Coach Compares Columbus To Hitler – Common-Sense Americans Stand Up To Popovich

Do you know what Americans want NBA coaches to do? Coach the NBA. Yet some of these coaches can’t even get that right. That includes infamous leftist Gregg Popovich.

During the Trump administration, Popovich made his mark. Not by winning games, but by infuriating Americans with his unwanted political attacks. It seems like the San Antonio Spurs coach hasn’t learned. Because he trashed Americans this Columbus Day. Now, folks are fighting back.

From The Blaze:

The 72-year-old coach — in a subdued rant lasting over two minutes — likened Columbus to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and ripped the city of San Antonio as “backward” for having school districts that still observe Columbus Day…

How do you think that went over, folks?

Twitter users had no mercy on Popovich for his comments…

“Anyone notice about the time this guy went looney and became a political pundit the Spurs went to s**t?!” one commenter asked… “He is a true idiot. Maybe he needs to get the hell of this country…”

“Stick with coaching, Pop, and stay out of politics,” another user suggested. “And shave that beard. You’ve been a woke lefty ever since you grew it.”

Popovich, coach for the San Antonio Spurs, outraged Americans when he bashed them for celebrating Columbus Day. He insulted Italian Americans, for which the day honors their heritage (the only American holiday that does so). He then went on to insult the very city he represents.

Well, let’s just say folks weren’t too appreciative of this rich, entitled, and losing coach bashing their culture and city. Many folks from the area skewered Popovich for his angry words. They pointed out the ever since he got political, the team has suffered.

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Some bashed the coach for apparently spending more time complaining than winning games. Others took the opportunity to mock his bad haircut, among other failings.

Isn’t it interesting how “wokeness” and failure go hand-in-hand? Often a celebrity or public figure will suddenly get political, just as their careers begin to flounder. Some watch their careers crash and burn as soon as they start supporting far-left policies.

It’s happening with Joe Biden. The former moderate is now a puppet for the radical left’s agenda. Big surprise his administration might go down as the worst in U.S. history.

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