After NBA Player Stands Up To China – Enes Kanter Freedom Just Got Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

In recent years, professional sports have alienated fans by pushing politics. Leagues including MLB, NFL, and the MBA have used games to advocate for radical, leftist views. Despite all the bad blood this has generated, you’d think this means the people who run these sports care very much about justice and human rights?

Eh… not quite.

The NBA (which has bent over backward for Black Lives Matter) has ignored the horrific injustices committed by the Communist Chinese Party against its own people. Even major athletes, who were quick to slander Donald Trump, appeared to defend the Chinese government, in the wake of rights abuse violations. But one player refused to bend the knee. He called out China, despite the risk to his career. Now, the international community is applauding him.

From Daily Caller:

Enes Kanter Freedom has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The NBA free agent regularly speaks out about the crimes of China and he’s a very vocal advocate for human rights, and people are taking notice.

According to The Atlantic, a member of the Norwegian Parliament nominated him for the prestigious award, and 30 previous winners also called the Celtics to stand “on the right side of history” by not getting rid of him prior to the center being traded and cut.

Enes Kanter Freedom made waves last year when he boldly rebuked China for its treatment of minority groups. While other NBA stars were kissing China’s rear, Freedom was blasting the corrupt regime for how it was treating its own citizens. Now, a Norwegian Parliament member is nominating him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

This is quite an honor. And not one commonly given to a basketball player. While LeBron is patting himself on the back for staring in a bad movie and playing up for the Red Menace, Freedom has risked his career to speak out for victims.

It seems the NBA has tried to silence Freedom. As a sort of punishment for calling out China, the league appears to be trying to box him out of a contract. All because this “America” institution cares more about Chinese cash than doing the right thing.

We can’t predict if Freedom will win the award. But the fact that he received a nomination shows that people (outside the NBA) support him.

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