After New Yorker Goes After Donald Trump – The Authorities Just Issued An Arrest Warrant And Charge Him

It may have been a while since we’ve seen an example of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” But it appears this condition continues to afflict folks on the far left. Social media companies still seem wracked by TDS, since they continue to keep him blacklisted from their websites.

And as rumors grow that Trump will return to the campaign trail for 2024, the left just might start melting down once again.

Months ago, we learned about a man who hated Trump so much, he threatened to do the unthinkable. But thankfully, he confessed his intentions to the very best people, police officers. The man was quickly apprehended and now, faces serious charges.

From The Hill:

A New York man who allegedly threatened to kill former President Trump during a phone call with U.S. Capitol Police and other authorities has been charged, according to a court document unsealed on Monday.

Thomas Welnicki of Rockaway Beach was charged on Saturday with knowingly and willfully threatening to kill, kidnap and inflict bodily harm upon a former president, authorities said…

Welnicki also allegedly bragged to Capitol Police about how easy it was for him to get a firearm, adding, “I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I will stand up to fascism.”

This just might be the most extreme—and bizarre—case of TDS we’ve ever seen. A man from New York spoke with law enforcement on several occasions, promising to kidnap and harm Donald Trump while he was president. The man also called the Secret Service and made similar threats.

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The man was arrested and is being charged with crimes against a president. If he is convicted, he could face many years in jail. We can’t be sure why someone would call the police and make these kinds of threats. We’ve seen plenty of people get emotional and carried away by their hate for Donald Trump.

But for someone to go so far as to make threats? It shows you just how irresponsible the liberal media has become in its coverage of the 45th president. This man called Trump “Hitler” and accused him of fascism. Where, or where, did he get those ideas? From the MSM and numerous liberals on social media who made those wild claims against Trump.

This kind of thing wouldn’t have happened if the media was as neutral and unbiased as it claims to be. The likes of CNN and MSNBC openly slandered Trump, inciting unstable minds like this.

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