After Obama Accuses GOP Of Phony ‘Culture Wars’ – Average Americans Set The Record Straight

Boy, oh, boy. It looks like the golden child has lost his touch. Former President Barack Obama tried to drum up some support for Democratic candidate for VA governor, Terry McAuliffe. While speaking, he claimed that conservatives were creating “phony” culture wars.

Former President @BarackObama: “We don’t have time to be wasted on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media’s pedals to juice their ratings.”

I guess Barry hasn’t been paying attention. It’s the left who cancels anyone that disagrees with them, including celebrated professors, actors, CEOs, and educators. But as quickly as Obama made this pathetic claim, real Americans came fighting back.

From Twitter:

The President who forced nuns to pay for birth control has some thoughts on the “phony” culture wars

Incredibly disappointed that a former president would send this message in light of such a serious and egregious situation in Loudoun County. Parents have every right to be outraged over what happened, as we should be.

Sorry, but McAuliffe saying that parents shouldn’t be in charge of their children’s education and the Loudoun County school board lying to parents about sexual assaults in bathrooms isn’t “trumped up cultural wars”

Numerous people online blasted Barack Obama for claiming the culture war is something “trumped up” and “phony.” Some pointed out that this very war was started by the left and patriotic Americans are simply fighting back.

Others explained that Obama himself is responsible for participating in this war when he forced nuns to pay for birth control. And let’s not forget Obama was the president that started the bathroom wars, way back when.

It seems Obama is trying to dismiss legitimate concerns from American parents. Many parents have contended with school boards over the teaching of “CRT,” a curriculum that re-writes American history.

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Obama has dismissed countless Americans who have marched for free speech, as colleges, social networks, and liberal groups try to take it from us.

Apparently, Obama has been spending too much time at Martha’s Vineyard, sparking super-spreader events to notice that this war has been raging for quite some time.

And he has been a chief instigator of it (remember Trayvon Martin?) and a beneficiary. Perhaps this is why Americans don’t listen to him anymore?

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