After Pelosi Quickly Agrees To Congress Stock Ban – Major Loophole Slips Out And Now It All Makes Sense

A report came out months ago exposed how lawmakers in D.C. get rich off of stock trading. Thanks to their insider information, they can make decisions the average investor could only dream of. And many swamp dwellers (on both sides of the aisle) have exploited this convenient arrangement.

Even as outrage grow, Nancy Pelosi supported the situation. Only recently has she seemed to change her tune. She even appears to support a bill that would “ban” lawmakers from buying stock. But a major loophole was found—one that Pelosi is already exploiting.

From Western Journal:

Pelosi finally signed onto a stock trading ban for members of Congress by supporting the Ban Conflicted Trading Act…

The bill, though, does not apply to spouses and family of members of Congress, and many feel it defeats the ban if a congressman’s family can make the same suspicious stock trades to enrich their family.

Of course, Pelosi would support this bill. It does nothing to stop the spouses and other family members of lawmakers from buying or selling stock. Which is how Pelosi has gotten rich in the first place. Her husband does most of the investing for their family. He owns stock in major companies and has made millions.

Uh, do you think some of what she knows about these companies might have been discussed at the dinner table?

This is how crooked lawmakers have been doing it for years. That includes the Clintons and the Bidens. They don’t need to get their hands dirty, to make out like bandits. They always have a spouse, a brother, or a son who uses connections the lawmakers have (or knowledge they gained) to make the investments. Who’s stopping them from sharing that wealth with the rest of the family?

This is all pretty hypocritical if you ask me. Back when Trump was in office, Democrats went out of their way to ban his entire family from benefitting from his job. That included banning Trump companies from getting relief funds during the lockdowns. Talk about cruel.

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