After President Biden Brags About His Economy – America Quickly Responds To Joe’s Track Record

How many failures has Joe Biden racked up this year alone? There are nearly too many to count—and sadly he’ll probably add to them next year. But clearly, the biggest failure of this administration has been the economy. And it is entirely Biden’s fault.

His decisions triggered runaway inflation, a worker shortage, a supply chain crisis, and skyrocketing fuel costs. And that’s just for starters. Experts revealed that Biden’s mistakes are costing the working class the most, who has to spend more with less. But the delusional man is claiming the economy is better than it’s ever been!

We’re ending 2021 with what one analyst described as the strongest first-year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years.

Let’s keep the progress going.

No, that’s not from the Babylon Bee, that’s a real tweet from Joe Biden. What analyst is he talking to, Big Bird? Maybe Joe thinks he can just make stuff up and it will become true?

Now, folks are letting him have it.

From the Daily Wire:

Biden was widely mocked online, given the continuation of a crippling supply chain crisis and surging levels of inflation…

Charles V Payne: “…Consumer sentiment has crashed as inflation has skyrocketed. Moreover, you won’t get another $5.0 trillion tailwind so please stick with low taxes and regulations you inherited.”

Michael Berry: “Joe Biden has jokes.”

Eddie Zipperer: “No political spin in the world is going to trick people into thinking they have more money in their wallets than they actually have.”

Wow. The mocking and ridicule didn’t end after Biden claimed the economy is on the “strongest” track record in the “last 50 years.” Pundits, commentators, and politicians were merciless over his largely inaccurate and dishonest statement.

Some claimed Ron Klain, Biden’s embattled Chief of Staff, came up with this chestnut. Most economic analysts have constantly revised their forecasts (downward) thanks to Biden’s inflation. And that’s not taking into account the fuel crisis, supply chain crisis, and then some.

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All jokes aside, it’s actually shocking and insulting for Biden to post such a bogus tweet. Working Americans can’t put gas in their tanks or put food on the table. The cost of everything has gone up and paychecks effectively go down. And he has the audacity to say it’s “progress”?

Maybe the rich elite Biden is catering to are doing well. During economic troubles, the rich always seem to make out like bandits. While the rest of us suffer, they clean up. Thank goodness Biden’s spending bill failed, or rich Democrats would have gotten even richer, while middle- and working-class families got the shaft.

This tweet will be mocked, much like others from this administration that tried to pretend like they helped the economy. But everything Biden’s done has backfired. It’s not just that far-left policies are bad. It’s that his policies and staff are worse than we’ve ever seen.

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