After President Biden’s Bill Falls Apart – Democrats Turn Their Sights In ‘Corrupting Elections” With H.R. 1

The news is spreading fast that Joe Biden’s spending bill is not going to happen. After spending nearly a year pushing this massive socialist takeover of our country, it seems negotiations have stalled. That’s a big problem for Democrats, who believed this bill was going to save their butts come the midterms.

So, with this signature bill dead in the water, what are corrupt liberals to do? They have no way of saving their bacons in the midterms, as all signs point to a red wave. Well, the solution is obvious: push for a bill that federalizes, and destroys, our elections!

From Twitter:

NBC News: Senate expected to shelve Build Back Better bill, moving forward aggressively now on voting rights

According to sources on Capitol Hill, Democrats are putting aside Biden’s spending agenda. They are now going to try to pass their “voting rights” bill, which would legalize various forms of voter fraud. The House passed their version of the bill back in March.

Here’s what Joy Pullman at The Federalist has to say about H.R. 1:

H.R. 1 broadcasts Democrats’ goals for unending electoral dominance through openly rigged voting processes. It would engineer an unconstitutional federal takeover of state elections for national office. No surprise, then, that Joe Biden says he will sign this legislation if it reaches his desk.

What they are trying to do to our elections is simply insane.

The main thrust of this bill is to rip state control of elections, putting it into the hands of the D.C. swamp. The bill will stop state lawmakers from drawing congressional districts. Instead, “bipartisan” software will draw up the districts. Yeah, after Dominion, let’s keep Silicon Valley as far away from our elections as possible, okay?

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The bill will eliminate all forms of voter ID and make mail-in ballots universal. Democrats are essentially trying to tear down any barriers to voter fraud, hoping this will ensure their electoral victory from now until Kingdom Come.

Of course, Joe Biden will sign this kind of bill into law. Even if his “BBB” plan fails, he’ll get another shot if this election bill goes through. Democrats will end up with a supermajority in Congress. They flood the Supreme Court with liberal activists. And Joe Biden will effectively become a dictator.

The only thing stopping them from passing this bill is the filibuster. Democrats won’t be able to vote on this bill without a 60-vote majority. No Republican will support this thing. So, Democrats will try to pressure Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, once again, to kill this rule.

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