After Red Wave Rolls Over Blue Virginia – Florida Goveror DeSantis Sends VA Residents A “Welcome” Message

The “red wave” has officially crashed into the previously blue state of Virginia, as Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin upset Democrat incumbent Terry McAuliffe in yesterday’s gubernatorial election.

This has kicked off a slew of reactions from political leaders across the country. Many Democrat leaders were stunned, while Republicans celebrated a major victory.

This includes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has a little message for the residents of Virginia.

DeSantis has pushed back against the Joe Biden administration – and Democrat policies in general – for most of 2021. In fact, he has become a GOP favorite among many conservatives.

From the pandemic to education to immigration, DeSantis has fought Biden’s White House from the start.

In February, when Biden hinted that he might implement travel restrictions to Florida, DeSantis shot back: “It would be unconstitutional, unwise and unjust,” he said.

And he has often slammed the Democrat-run federal government for seemingly caring “more about illegal immigrants” than they do about Americans, and specifically the American military.

Now, in celebrating the big win in Virginia, DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw, delivered a powerful “welcome” message (via the Daily Wire):

During the Trump administration, Democrats and liberals often referred to their side as “The Resistance,” so this is bound to ruffle plenty of feathers on the left.

However, given that Democrats gained control of Capitol Hill almost completely after the 2020 election, it does feel like “resisting” to millions of right-wing citizens.

The loss really stings for Biden’s team, as the President predicted victory heading into Election Tuesday, and left-wing leaders like Barack Obama and Kamala Harris also stumped for McAuliffe.

Back in April, DeSantis called Biden “an aggressive left-wing culture warrior,” and predicted their radical stances “would be their undoing”:

I think they’re very caustic and nasty. I think unless they make us a complete socialist country, these people are never going to be happy, and…

…I think anything short of complete domination of conservatism, making sure people that have conservative views are shut out, anything short of that, they’re just not going to be happy.

I think they’re captive to that part of their base and I think that’s ultimately going to be their undoing in 2022 and then I think probably in 2024.

Gov. DeSantis isn’t the only Republican leader to predict that radical left policies, relating to economics and education, will hurt Democrats in the coming elections.

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Obviously, it did hurt in Virginia, and in other state elections around the country, where more “red waves” struck.

This means that even more local governments can join DeSantis, Florida, and the rest of “The Resistance.” And their hope is that it will continue into the 2022 midterm elections.

Given Joe Biden’s current approval ratings and surging popularity for people like Donald Trump, it certainly seems as if the Democrat hold on D.C. is weakening.

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