After Supreme Court Shakes Up Nation On Roe – Now The Justices Swing ‘Wrecking Ball’ On 1st Amendment

Democrats will be quaking in their boots for months, as the Supreme Court decides the fate of Roe v. Wade. Trump’s conservative majority could very well overturn that old ruling, changing the country’s landscape permanently. But there is another issue they are taking up, that will trigger liberals even more.

A family was denied state funds for their daughter’s education because they wanted to send her to a Christian school. Maine law prevented it because the school would promote religious teachings. So, this family and another have taken this major issue to the highest court in the land.

From Time:

On Dec. 8, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether Maine’s policy violated the Carsons’ constitutional rights. In 2018, the family joined a lawsuit with Troy and Angela Nelson, another Maine family who wanted to use the tuition assistance program to send their son to a religious school but weren’t able to…

“We’re looking at potentially another wrecking ball to the wall of separation between church and state,” says Jennifer Pizer, law and policy director for Lambda Legal, a national legal organization that advocates for LGBTQ rights.

The Supreme Court will decide if Maine’s law violates parents’ rights, by refusing to provide funds for their children to go to a private Christian school. The court could decide that Maine is discriminating against these families, simply on the basis of their religious beliefs. If that’s the case, they could knock this law down.

Democrats, as you can imagine, are panicking. They claim the court would be forcing taxpayers to “pay for other people’s practice of religion.” Which, of course, is not true.

The state is providing funds so that parents can send their children to a quality school of their choice. That is not “practicing religion” (which might include tax funds to fund a church service), but giving this family equal access to education.

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Isn’t that what Democrats want? Equality? But it seems Democrats would rather force American children to go to secular schools, where God is ignored and radical views (that conflict with their beliefs) are taught as gospel.

This is why Democrats have fought against school choice across the country. Because they control teachers’ unions, they have been able to control what children learn in public schools for years.

Parents have the right to decide what their children are exposed to, that includes in school. Leftists hate this because they seem to believe they know better than most Americans.

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