After The Smoke Clears In Afghanistan – Report Claims Biden Fallout Includes Loss Of 100 Troops And Officials

Biden may have forgotten about it already, but millions of Americans are still outraged over his failure in Afghanistan. His blundered withdrawal, and deadly evacuation, was a black mark on his administration. He left behind thousands of Americans and countless allies to the mercy of our enemy. And it turns out, it was worse than we thought.

The Taliban claimed they would govern the country justly. Quick, though, reports came out that they were going house to house to find U.S. allies. It seems the Taliban can’t even keep the lights on, let alone run a country. Now, the UN is revealing just what this group has done to over 100 troops and officials.

From Fox News:

The United Nations reportedly has received “credible allegations” that more than 100 former Afghanistan government officials, troops and those who worked with coalition forces have been killed since the Taliban took control of the country in mid-August, despite assurances from the militant group that they would remain unharmed.

The UN is reporting that more than 100 former troops and officials that worked with the U.S. in Afghanistan have been killed by the Taliban. This comes after the Taliban claimed to harm no one, despite stories coming out of the country. At least 50 of these victims were killed by ISIL-KP, a group Biden claims is not in the country.

To make matters worse, the UN Secretary-General “pleaded” the Taliban to “recognize and protect the fundamental human rights that every person shares.” Uh, yeah that’s going to work. The Taliban forced out a democratically-elected governor to declare themselves rulers of Afghanistan.

They confiscated U.S. weapons (left behind by Biden) and marched through the city streets like conquering warriors. What makes the Secretary-General think this group of villains is going to honor his “plea?”

The only thing this group understands is strength. The kind of strength we saw from Donald Trump, who managed to bring peace to the Middle East. Biden, on the other hand, is the textbook definition of weak. He rolled over for the Taliban, Russia, China, and perhaps Iran.

Afghanistan’s only hope is if Biden is removed soon—or another country steps up to lead.

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